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Friction Loc Batons

ASP® Friction Loc Baton

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Price: Starting at $105.99
ASP® Friction Loc Baton

The ASP® Friction Loc Baton is the most tactically sophisticated impact weapon currently available to law enforcement personnel. Virtually indestructible, ASP® Friction Loc Batons have an incredible psychological deterrence and unparalleled control potential.

Choose your Size, Grip, and Finish

Size:        16", 21", or 26".

Grip:        Foam: comfortable cushioned grip
                 DuraTec: molded grip offers increased durability
                 Wavemaster: the geometric arcs provide a series of raised ribs that lock the grip into your hand

Finish:     Black Chrome: state-of-the-art black finish for steel surfaces; extremely hard and will not scratch
                 Electroless: provides total corrosion resistance; will not scratch, rust or wear
                 Airweight: 45% less weight than comparable steel batons

** This is a restricted item. Before order can be processed you will need to submit a copy of your Law Enforcement ID, Guard Card or Baton Permit/Certificate. **